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Laser Lipo is the weight loss program the spa and beauty industry is raving about! Laser Lipo offers fast, effective results that are 100% pain-free, drug-free, and non-invasive.

Laser lipo uses low-level laser lipo paddles that are put on the body in the targeted area as well as on the nearest lymph nodes to cause the body's fat cells to release their contents (energy/fat) naturally as if you were working out. Contents are then expelled from the body using its natural processes. 


After your session on the laser lipo machine, you will use our vibe Plate System to boost your body's calorie burn and results.


1 Treatment $49

(Valued at $379)


Our Laser lipo program includes 1 Laser Lipo Treatment,1 Vibe Plate session, 1 Comprehensive Health & Weight Assessment, Computerized Body Composition Analysis to show where are you are and where you can be in a matter of a few weeks.

4 Treatments $184

(Valued at $1,516)


Our Laser lipo program includes 4 Laser Lipo Treatments, 4 Vibe Plate sessions,  1 Comprehensive Health & Weight Assessment, 1 Computerized Body Composition Analysis to show where are you are and where you can be in a matter of a few weeks.


Ventura Slim and Trim offers state of the art Laser Lipo body contouring and skin tightening treatments to deliver remarkable results!

With aesthetic and wellness goals Dr. Prestin and the professionals at Ventura Slim and Trim can help achieve your goals with expert precision.

You May Be a Good Candidate If:

  • You are looking for inch reduction but are unsure of the best treatment.

  • You have questions or concerns about surgical vs. non-surgical procedures for fat reduction.

  • You are exploring your body contouring options and need to increase your understanding.

  • You are dissatisfied and struggling with your appearance and want to take the first step.

  • You want to make an informed decision.


The LED bed is a new and innovative approach to anti-aging. The use of 660 and 840 nm wavelengths of light has been shown to improve skin rejuvenation, restoration, oxygenation and/or hydration, Collagen/Elastin production/reorganization of skin structure, elasticity and/or metabolism. 

  • Relieve muscle pain after sports, exercise, or from arthritis

  • Relieve stiffness due to muscle and tendon fatigue

  • Increase blood circulation

  • Increase natural body fuel for energy production

  • Regenerative muscle treatment

  • Increase cerebral blood flow for better concentration and mental acuity

  • Release endorphins

  • Generate important anti-inflammatory factors in the body